Alors… (So…)

You would like to learn French? You are at the right place!


You love France, its cuisine, its culture, its landscapes, its way of living and its beautiful language. But this beautiful language is also redoubtable… You will maybe recognize yourself in one of those examples:
You don’t dare starting.
You started but didn’t get the results you expected.
You need to practice with a native French speaker to get better.
I repeat: this is the place to be! I can offer you solutions a 100% adapted to your goals, your imperatives and preferences for an improvement guaranteed.


My name is Julie; I am a 31-year-old French woman specialist in teaching French as a foreign language. With my 7 years as a French teacher and 3 years as an expat, I will be able to guide you on the difficult path that is learning a language and understanding a culture. Of course, I will never forget friendliness and pleasure because, as you will see, I live my job as a real passion. A famous quote of Confucius says: “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” I can tell you that in my case this quote is more than relevant!


My little school is unique because it offers a great flexibility that is essential in our modern world. Flexibility in the choice of courses options, flexibility of schedule and flexibility in the pedagogical approach that adapts to each person. You should know that I am concerned about my students: I wish to know you, know your tastes, your values, I would like to know if you have children, passions, dreams! All this defines you and it will help me help you. Since each one is unique, teaching should be unique too.


Alors… Welcome and enjoy the tour ! 😉